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    RDP is Hanging if on-access is enabled


      Hi folks


      For some time now a we're heaving difficulties starting an rdp session.

      It is taking ages to show the credentials window when starting mstsc.exe.

      As soon as we disable On-Access Scan the window will be shown immediately.

      As soon as we restart it's hanging again.


      I cannot competely reconstruct it though.

      Not all PC are affected eventhough they have the same policy, agent, vse and dat.


      The issue seems to be similar to this one: Re: RDP is Hanging if on-access is enabled


      Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?


      Windows 7 x64 Enterprise


      VirusScan Enterprise

      Engine Version 5700.7163

      DAT 7903.0000



      No updates seem to be available so far.

      I've pushed policy and agent on affected and not affected pc without any difference


      kind regards Chris