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    Livesafe will not open :(


      Hi There. I'm having this major problems hope a few guys can help. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron which was shipped Mcafee Livesafe I have always used Symantec but thought hey I give it a shot see what it's like and started to like it so stuck with it however I update the laptop to Windows 10 which was a big mistake as it knocked all the sound out of the laptop and just kept grinding it to a holt so got my recovery factory disc and got 8.1 back it the restore went fine however when I went to check Mcafee it would no longer open every time I clicked the desktop link it did nothing same for the system tray all options did nothing so I thought just a reinstall will fix it which it didn't so I went through the removal tool which did not work either so I got CC cleaner on it and it removed it so I downloaded it again went through all the install steps which went fine get to last screen where it says your system is protected went to hopefully get Mcafee to open and start but still nothing I have been trying for 4 hours going through the net, reinstalls but nothing works please help me before I turn old and get grey hair

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          Peter M

          The upgrade/downgrade would be most likely guaranteed to corrupt any security software.  But now that you are back to factory you need to update the system big time.

          Make sure everything is updated, including any parts you may not use (Internet Explorer for instance is important for other processes to work in the background but does not have to be your default browser).


          Uninstall all McAfee via Control Panel > Programs and Features, reboot.

          Doiwnload a fresh copy of the MCPR cleanup tool again and run it, reboot.  Even if it fails it should be run, if it wont run at all then call Technical Support link below, it's free.

          Reinstall McAfee from your online account and if necessary, use the Custom option to only install the parts you want.

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                           If I may add to Colleague Ex_Brit's excellent suggestions. Although you seem to be 'Computer Savy' if you will. I would avoid 'Registry Cleaners' at all costs. For eventually they cause more harm/issues to your system's performance, than good.


                            Although 'CCleaner' is indeed one of the more trusted ones on the Market. (I have even used it a couple of times myself) one has to be extra pre-cautious especially when using the 'Registry' Feature. It can possibly remove vital system processes, to include McAfee Core processes.


                             Even when I use McAfee Quick Clean, I avoid using the 'Registry Option'. Your Windows built-in utility 'Disk Clean' should suffice and is much safer. Also when performing a major upgrade it is best to at the minimum, disable your Anti-Virus or even better Un-install it to prevent any complications during the Installation process.


                             As a ' Side Note ' I would like to welcome you to the McAfee Communities. For your 'Username' looked familiar. After checking my list, I was the Moderator whom 'Approved' your Membership Request. Should you feel you need further assistance, either myself or one of my Colleague's will oblige.


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              Hi There. Sorry for the late reply been a bit busy I fully updated the pc and did another install and it now works fine. However the tool did not work thanks to your patience. Vipercar

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                                Glad to hear all is OK 

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                  Peter M

                  Good luck vipercar