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    Need to mount archived EPO database from new EPO install.


      I have an archived EPO 4.6.7 database, that I need to get some data from. I can't load it into the original location, since the application server it came from is, obviously in production.

      So the plan was to load it onto another SQL server and install EPO 4.6.7 onto a development server.

      We installed SQL 2012 - R2  onto the dev server and "restored" a copy of the old archived EPO database. Verified the login ID, and so forth, all went fine. Tried to install EPO, and even though I renamed the database after the new dev server,the EPO installer, did not give me an option to attach to an existing database. It found the restored database but only gave me an option to overwrite it.

      How can I get a fresh install of EPO 4.67 to attach to an existing orphaned database? Any KB articles? Ideas? Etc.

      We don't need to attach any clients, we just need to run some reports and perhaps extract a couple of old encryption keys.