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    Listener program?

      Hello everyone, I will soon be setting up a V4.0 epo server with a new name & ip address. Our old V3.6.1 epo server is on a blade server which will be retired about 3 months after I finish the new one.

      I will use an Altiris job to load the new epo server agent over the top of the old epo server agent on the pc's. So when the pc's check in they will find the correct V4.0 epo server.

      My question concerns pc's that try to contact the original epo server after it is powered down. The pc's will not have the new agent for a number of reasons, i.e. sales force that doesn't connect often, training machines etc.

      Does anyone know of a 'listener' program that I could have running on a pc on the same subnet as the old epo server? This listener program would capture the name & ip address of any pc's that are trying to contact the old epo server and store them into a text file.

      Or is it easier to rename a pc to the name & ip of the old epo server and monitor the security log?

      Thanks for your help!