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    ePO Super Agents


      After applying a policy (not at the root level) to make an Agent a SuperAgent (inheritance blocked), all of the agents received the policy and became SuperAgents. It seems as if reverse inheritance occurred up the directory tree and then propagated back down the directory tree to all of the Sites hence all of the nodes in ePO.

      Please advise!
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          Can't you just turn it back off?
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            hmm, i think you might be missing something somewhere...

            if you check in the policy catalog, at the policy assignments, does the policy assignment still say that the directory should not have the superagent policy assigned ?
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              It turned out to be a corrupted policy in ePO. The result of this was a very very large sitelist.xml file

              When creating a new policy in ePO that will turn select computer Agents into SuperAgent, the new policy performed as it should.

              I'm not the person who actually was on the keyboard when this occurred therefore I do not have all the details that may be needed.

              I just wanted to post the situation to see what possible explanations or suggestions would come back.

              The problem has since been resolved.

              Thanks to All