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    Scan Time


      I have McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise on my computer.  It was installed remotely by a company that "fixes problems".  I get regular updates from this company, and I scan my computer every week.  I'm bewildered by the scan times.  Sometimes it scans in a few hours.  Sometimes it takes forever to scan.  I ran my weekly scan on Thursday night, figuring it would finish scanning by the time I got up on Friday morning.  Well, it took 32 hours to scan.  I have no idea why it the scan times vary so much.  Does anybody know why this is happening?  Thank you.

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                              The first Red Flag popped up for me ,is when you stated your Security Application was installed by a 'Company that Fixes problems' ? Unless you are running a business, the Consumer Version of McAfee should suffice.


                              The most time it has ever taken for me to run a 'Full Scan' is at the very most 1hr 20 mins. Which times can vary for each individual system. May I ask what Company you are referring to?  Please read the following thread:

          Beware fake Tech Support companies





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            It seems that this Link was broken in my first post ; Don't Fall Prey To Non-McAfee Support Offers  Please kindly read. this is from a Senior Manager of McAfee.

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              Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  I really appreciate it.


              My computer was hacked into 2.5 years ago via my Yahoo email account.  I contacted Yahoo Support via their toll-free number.  They ran a diagnostic program on my computer and told me it had a virus.  I was dismayed because I had Norton 360 on my computer, and I didn't understand why this happened.  Yahoo Support transferred my call to a trusted partner they do business with Computers Repair.com.  Computers Repair ran a diagnostic program on my computer and removed the virus.


              I was really paranoid about what happened because I knew who hacked into my computer (a guy I met on an on-line dating site who got really ****** off when I told him I didn't want to see him anymore).  This guy was a computer wizard and I wanted to make sure he wouldn't be able to hack into my computer again.  So, after Computers Repair removed the virus from my computer, they did the following:


              1.  Installed a firewall on my modem.

              2.  Installed McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise.


              I installed Malwarebytes Pro myself.  I also have Windows Defender activated on my computer.


              I haven't had any problems with my computer being hacked into (no viruses, no worms, no Trojan Horses) since I had all this security stuff put on my modem and computer.  I just don't understand why the scan sometimes takes such a long time.  I was wondering if I have it set to do too many things.  Maybe I should just ask it to scan my hard drive, and forget about scanning the memory and rootkits?  Maybe I just don't know how to work with a "business level" security program?

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                While I hesitate offering suggestions in the 'Enterprise/Buisness ' Section of the Forum. I will say that having more than (1) RTS - Real Time Scanning Module, can cause conflicts with your Primary Software/Application. While Malwarebytes (Free) does not have the RTS, I would suggest turning off the RTS  in the (Pro) Version. Simply keep it up to date before 'Manually' running a scan.


                As for 'Windows Defender' being activated, as long as your Operating System is 'Windows 7 Sp1' it is compatible. Windows 8/higher has 'Anti-Virus Capabilities' and can indeed cause Conflicts/Clashes with your McAfee Software. Which could very well explain the exceedingly long 'Scan Times'


                Hopefully one from the Enterprise area will pick up this thread and further advise you. Also, you may try if needed to contact Technical Support 24/7 via Online Chat/Phone being much quicker;Services and Support for Home and Office  Although this is for Consumer Issues, you may mention the fact that you have a Enterprise Application.


                During the Interim, I will ping a Moderator on your behalf whom is more well versed on the Buisness side of the Equation.


                All the very Best


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                  Please know that I just contacted a Enterprise Moderator on your behalf. Being his geographical location is in the UK, could determine how quickly he responds.



                  All the Very Best


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                    I would also make certain there are no remnants of 'Norton/Symantec' left on your system. Check your Control panel, and should there be I would run the Product Removal Tool from Norton.

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                      Computers Repair removed Norton 360 from my computer before they installed McAfee.  I just double-checked and there aren't any Norton programs on the Programs list under the Control Panel option.


                      I have Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.


                      Thank you for contacting an Enterprise Moderator on my behalf.  I'll await his response.

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                        You are quite welcome

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                          Richard Carpenter

                          Hi purplesagerr


                          Normally the Enterprise version of Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) would be linked to a support contract or Enterprise License.


                          Scan times can vary if you are running multiple Security products,, the reading of the file for scanning by one product can trigger a read event scan by another product and the scanners can get into a deadlock where they are each scanning the same files through multple read write.


                          I would agree with catdaddy and firstly check that all the Norton products have been removed. Then we camn take a look at what exclusions have been set up for you, since all files will get scanned during an On-Demand scan (Full disjk scan).


                          If you could confirm if Norton has been completely removed then  we can check the VSE configuration.




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