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    Testing McAfee Agent 4.8 RelayServer


      Have enabled the RelayServer option on several distributed repository servers but I have noticed that the workstation agents ( which the relayserver IS NOT enabled) keeps failing to discover the RelayServer:


      2015-08-20 imutils Could not find any last used relay information

      2015-08-20 mutils    Doing a Relay Discovery

      2015-08-20 RelayClient    DISCOVERY_CLIENT: Sending subnet broadcast

      2015-08-20 RelayClient    DISCOVERY_CLIENT: Sending a Global Broadcast

      2015-08-20 RelayClient    RelayClientApi, No relay servers were discovered in the network

      2015-08-20 imutils    Relay discovery failed.

      2015-08-20 naInet    HTTP Session closed


      Workstations are able to access the Distributed Repository but the RelayServer (which is on the same server as the distributed repository) keeps failing (default port settings for Distributed Repository and RelayServer).  Workstations and server are on the same segment. Is there anything on the workstation agent side that would need to be enabled for them to discover the RelayServer?