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    ePO Across different Domains

      Do you know if there is anything special i have to do to get servers to talk to an ePO 3.6 server that is on a different domain? In our lab we have a few different domains and i want a certain domain to talk to my ePO server. I keep getting:
      20071218214059 E #8892 LgOnUsr Ins Error trace:
      20071218214059 E #8892 Thread Ins [Main thread]->
      20071218214059 E #8892 Setup Ins [Restarting as a service to get System rights]->
      20071218214059 E #8892 Setup Ins [Possibly impersonate]->
      20071218214059 E #8892 LgOnUsr Ins [AcceptSecurityContext]->
      20071218214059 E #8892 LgOnUsr Ins error -2146893044: The logon attempt failed

      There are no trusts between the domains. What do you suggest?