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    HELP! purchased Mcafee and still getting Super Optimizer, etc


      First let me preface this with - I am extremely NOT knowledgeable about computer issues.  I have always worked and the IT department handled any issues.  I am now retired and trying to figure out things on my own, day by day.   So I thank anyone for helping me with my question but please remember to keep it extremely simple! 


      Before purchasing Mcafee I was getting viruses and ads and warnings that would lock up my computer and tell me I needed to call a number to rid my computer of these problems.  I googled and learned these were the viruses and learned how to go to programs, find it (usually it was disguised as google chrome?) and I would uninstall.  This became almost daily and very time consuming so I went to my office supply store and they told me to purchase Mcafee.  I did.  I followed the instructions.  I see the icon on my desktop.  Here is the problem - yesterday I had the same problem as before - computer locking up, talking to me that it had found all these issues, telling me to buy Super Optimizer - I went to programs, saw Super Optimizer and uninstalled.  How is this happening after installing Mcafee?  Do I need to do something daily with it?  I assumed it was automatic and would catch those things. Obviously it didn't.  Now I am beginning to wonder if I feel for a trick?  Is Mcafee really what I think it is?  Am I doing something wrong?


      I would appreciate any help, simple terms please.  I am spending so much of my day just trying to figure out problems and all I want to do is shop online!  (keeps saying the program is not responding. . . )


      Thank you in advance.