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    Epo data base filling server drives

      I only have limited information now, but am looking to get more. I am running ePO 3.6.1 on server 2003. I have SQL 06. We have multiple sites. Two of our sites are starting to fill thier HD's to full capacity with logs from the ePO database. I have not actually got into the servers yet because they are at a remote site and every time I try to log on, the drives are too full for me to log in. Is there anything you guys have seen that I might look twards, or any ideas to point us in a direction so we can narrow down the trouble shooting? Or even any more information you guys need to help? Thanks. When I find anything I will post it.
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          well, without having anything concrete to go on, i would check the recovery model of the SQL server.

          if it is set to anything other than Simple Recovery, then the transaction logs will grow until the data is comitted....

          check the size of the ePO_servername.ldf file - if it is more than a few 100meg, this might be the problem.

          this can be checked across the network, using a UNC path.
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            Thank you, I talked with my DBAdmins, and they said we could check that and change if necessary. When I called the remote site to set up some time to do this, they said they already deleated the logs and things are working fine. I don't know what happened but am FURIOUS that they just deleted the logs. I don't know what happened, but if anything else happens again I will take your advice on checking it, thanks.
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              i would check exactly what they deleted.... if it was the sql transaction logs, then they are deleting data, real data, that has not been comitted to the database yet