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    Policy is not enforced on childs device




      I installed Safe Family (version 1.0.0 from 11.08.2015) on my iPhone 4S (logged in into Safe Family as parent) and on my iPad 2 (logged in as a child; installed the certificates for remote administration).

      The child can check in to a location via the map view. The parent receives this event. I also see both device locations on the map.

      So it seems that the devices are linked as a family and information flow works in principle.


      But neither the policy is enforced (I can surf to explicit content via safari on the child device), nor can the parent see the "screen time" or which apps are used on the child's device. All values are simply 0 or empty.


      What should I try to get it working?

      What do you need to trouble shoot the situation?




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          According to the website and app store description, monitoring is not supported on IOS - http://family.intelsecurity.com/#/


          as for the explicit content - if it's a web page check the category at http://trustedsource.org/en/feedback/url?action=checksingle


          Maybe our system has an incorrect categorization for that site.

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            Hi Felix,

            There are some differences in terms of features that are working between the different operating systems. I will try and shed some light about what works for a child on an iOS device:


            What Safe Family does for a child's iOS device:

            1.) Location works (as you noted), so you will be able to see your family on a map, kid can check in or parent can set up a Place (aka geofence)

            2.) Application hiding/blocking for iOS - parent can set an application policy that will hide applications on the child's iOS device. The policy is based on the age rating that is provided in the Apple App Store. We also allow a parent to hide/show the App Store to prevent new apps from being installed as well as blocking in-app purchases to prevent accidental charges to your itunes account.


            What Safe Family doesn't do (yet):

            1.) web filtering - there isn't any web filtering that Safe Family provides for iOS devices today, you will still have to rely on the "Restrictions" setting in iOS to turn on the web filtering that Apple provides. That filtering is separate from what is being provided by Safe Family.

            2.) time controls - the time controls feature offered by Safe Family currently only applies to Android and Windows

            3.) Activity Tab - We don't show any website or application activity in the Activity tab


            We are working on some enhancements that will improve the messaging of these features and capabilities to parents, so please stay tuned.


            If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know.




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              Thanks for the answers!


              I now understand that some features are missing. Because it was a version >= 1 I thought the basic features, that are advertised and visible, would be working.


              I think it is okay in principle.


              But this is a very bad user experience! Users can configure those features, but there is no hint that they are not working. Users will spend time to get it working and will give up frustrated. This will probably generate a lot of 1 star ratings and angry comments.

              The app should be marked as Alpha/Beta or shouldn't be release in the iOS app store at all, as long as those features are not implemented.