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    McAfee Agent 5.0.x


      What is everyone's experiences with the new McAfee 5.0.x agent?  I like the P2P function and am still testing it out but the Remote Agent Log seems to have lost some things and gained some things.



      • In the main log, no longer clear, simple way to watch the update/deploy/upgrade of items as the task runs. It's also not clear which sub log to view to get this info either.
      • The header of the log in the browser no longer shows the ePO server/Agent Handler it is configured to talk to.  Having two ePO servers and a DEV ePO server, it's very helpful to know which one it's configured for.
      • formatted remote log files for easy to read logs (the split out logs, not the main log)



      • Split out logs
        • However, when viewing them, the formatting is not shown in an easy to read manner.
      • P2P to help distribute the repository load better
        • Not a full repository but at least the key things updated day after day are easily cached locally and saves WAN bandwidth.
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          So no one has any comments on my complaints?  Does anyone agree, disagree, etc.?  During a webinar on the new agent I asked a lot of these questions and was finally told to stop asking questions and just submit a ticket.  Honestly I would have thought at least told to submit an FMR not a ticket.  Oh well, I guess "it'll be better in the next version" ;-)