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    McAfee MOVE MP - Client Assignment Based on Tags




      I'm in the process of setting up McAfee MOVE MP 3.6.1 and I'm at the point where I'm creating Client OSS Assignment Policies. Let me break down what I'm trying to do...


      We have two Datacenters... DC1 and DC2.


      EPO is in DC1.

      We have an SVA in DC1 and 2 OSS's in DC1.


      We've installed the DataCenter Connector, which automatically tags our VMs with two tags "VM" and "dc_vm_auto".

      I've also created a tag called DC1 which is by subnet.


      My original thinking was that, since I want to assign all the VMs in DC1 to one of the two OSS's, I could just add the tags "VM" and "DC1" into the Client Tag section of the policy, and that would work. But more and more, I'm thinking this is an OR thing, and not an AND thing. Meaning, it would send clients who have EITHER of those tags to the OSS's, which would send all the VM's (including ones from DC2, which is undesirable) and all the ones with the DC1 tag, which is all the VMs and Physicals in DC1, which is also undesirable.


      How would I accomplish this for both DC1 and DC2 to ensure only VMs in those DCs are going to OSS's in those DCs?