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    Setup ELM HA between two different Sites



      Currently the setup is like in the above diagram in which we have around 20+ Windows Servers and 300+ Syslog devices in the environment. In the setup we are using ERC -1250 Model appliances and ESM, ELM are setup as virtual machines. All are running on 9.5.0 MR4.


      Following are my inquiries:


           Site 1 - Active

           Site 2 - Active

          Note :This design has a draw back of both ERC's polling windows servers for event logs, this would put extra load on the network and as well as the Windows Servers.


           1 How to introduce one ELM into this setup ??

           2 Can I migrate ELM from one SITE to the other with the same database ??

           3 In case of network failure how to achieve data logging Synchronization between the two sites ??


      Need advice.