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    Additional security for Online Transactions? Plus few Total Protection questions.




      I own McAfee Total Protection and do wonder do I need additional security for Online Transactions? What kind of security should I use for it? Would separate browser with security plugins be enough or should I install additional software? Examples are McAfee Raptor(this one takes like 1 minute to launch itself on Win7 SSD machine when starting with OS, I hope it's bug), Microsoft EMET, IBM Trusteer Rapport etc?


      Should I try to build Virtualized Web Browser just for such things? How would McAfee Total Protection work with such Virtualization, either by Microsoft Virtual PC or Sandboxie or similar product? Which web browser should I go for on Windows 7? Which plugins if any?


      Also I'd like to point out that for some reason on Windows XP computers McAfee Total Protection fails to auto-update itself and constantly reports errors. As for now this can be solved only by reinstalling product.


      I'd also like to ask which security settings would be advised for Windows 7 machine. The most common are to simply not install Java/Flash/ActiveX and such. Anything else worth of mentioning?


      Cheers, awaiting for answers.


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