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    Repeated Issues installing Mcafee on Freshly Installed Computers


      Hi everyone,


      I have been helping my family members with their computers. I installed three of them with fresh, legitimate copies of Windows 7. I used the correct OEM drivers. Each one is a different manufacturer, (dell, HP, lenovo). These computers have never felt the soul sucking pain of an antivirus or virus, they are like Adam and Eve in the Garden.


      I hit them with ninite.com, firefox, runtimes, adobe reader, 7-zip. I installed adblockplus and Web of Trust.


      I get the mcafee installer file from their website. I'm not a fan of this software but it's what they have.

      It will not install. Oh, at least it gives me a descriptive message: error:0.


      On. Each. Computer.


      Google's answers are worthless. Mcafee 'support' is worthless (they did everything I did, and also dropped IE's security settings to nil and then did not set them back to defaults after giving up. Good thing I watched them work. Please help me out with this, I want to move on with my life.

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