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    Upgrade from NES 10.0?


      All the documentation talks about being able to upgrade/migrate from VSE 8.8 & SAE 3.5 but what about machines that are running NES 10.0?


      Also since NES 10.0 was designed to to work with HIPS on the machine we've removed it from our machines running it.  Should we redeploy HIPS 8 P5 to these machines after moving to NES 10.1 for testing or continue only running NES 10.1?

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          ENS 10.0 will upgrade to ENS 10.1 and all the settings/configurations should be preserved. On the ePO side, the 10.0 extensions will do an in-inline upgrade to 10.1, 10.0 client packages can live side by side with the 10.1 client packages in the master repository. On the client side, you should be able to deploy 10.1 packages to the machine that has 10.0 running and they will get upgraded appropriately.

          ENS 10.1 will co-exist with HIPS, so you can redeploy HIPS 8 P5 to the machines after upgrading to ENS 10.1. If we detect that the IPS portion of the HIPS 8 product is enabled on the box, then we will automatically disable the exploit prevention feature of ENS 10.1. If you would like to test the exploit prevention feature of ENS, then please disable IPS on the machines where HIPS is also installed. You will have to do the same for the FW portion of HIPS. Currently we do not automatically detect that HIPS FW is on the box and enabled in order to disable ENS FW - this is work in progress and should be completed soon

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            Thank you.  I've got all the items checked in and co-existing in ePO already as you explained, and now I will begin pushing the updates to my machines that have NES 10.0 on them as well.