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    Firewall Enterprise Configuration Fatal Error


      I've been placed in a role where I am responsible for supporting a server stack which uses McAfee Firewall Enterprise. I have no experience of using or working with this product so any help or direction will be much appreciated.


      The firewall stopped working on a DR site. When trying to access the firewall I could not gain access via the admin console. I then connected the monitor to the firewall directly to see a fatal error message when trying to load the configuration (could also not log in here). As I could not gain access it was suggested to wipe the firewall back to version 8.2.0, patch it back to 8.2.1 then restore the configuration from the live system. I have attempted to do this but as soon as the firewall reboots after restoring the configuration the fatal error message appears again while attempting to load the configuration. I have tried restoring with a number of config back up but this error seems to persist. Its not a corrupt configuration as it is fully working on the live system.


      Could someone point me toward a potential solution to this?


      Sorry again if this is a bit vague but I have very limited experience with hardware firewalls and networking.