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    DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10


      I'm working on testing various McAfee items with Windows 10 for our Windows 10 project team and I'm not having any luck with DEGo.


      • It failed to install via ePO (said it wasn't compatible)
      • Manual install seems to run fine
      • The Health information never gets sent back (ePO still shows "pending" on all DEGo fields) and due to that, the policy I was using that indicated not to encrypt until it passed the DEGo health check prevented it from encrypting.


      So, as soon as I removed that policy it started to encrypt.  So, my question is, does anyone else experience this with DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10?


      It's running on Windows 10 Pro - 64-Bit on a Dell Latitude 6430.  Not using TPM or UEFI.  The drive is a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB.