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    McAfee EPO 5.3 - Local Agent Handler Service NOT running (port 80 conflict)




      I am running EPO on a Window Server 2012 R2 and after a week or so received the "Local agent service handler not running error" when I attempted to login. And when I tried to restart the service under services.msc the Apache server failed to start. I searched the forum for a solution and in almost every case EPO was re-installed!!! Wow, that seems extreme for a system that I just installed 2 weeks ago and it was running fine until 2 days ago. So after some investigation it appears that EPO wants several ports on your server that MUST be shared with other services - in this case it was port 80 that was conflicting with another service that must be run on our server.


      So I changed the ports on Apache adding 8080. I was then able to start Apache through services.msc and the error went away. This article details the ports required to run EPO and 80 is used for "TCP port that the ePO Server service uses to receive requests from agents."

      I am not recommending this solution to anyone and am asking for help with other solutions. I am beginning to believe that EPO is not worth the headaches it brings to the table. EPO cannot have every port on my server - lol!

      This leaves me wondering how re-installing the software would fix this issue - this seems to be the only solution offered to the "agent handler service not running" error?


      I am hesitant to spend hours on the phone with McAfee gold support to resolve this issue.