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    Automatic checking for updates at bootup stalls-W7



      Three of my four Lenovo computers have an issue associated with Total Protection’s check for updates at initial bootup.  All four computers run W7 Professional.  Three of the four impacted computers are 32-bit and the other is 64-bit.  The main computer has Build 14.0.4113.  I assume the others have that Build too.  Two of the three impacted computers have McAfee set to notify of the availability of updates and the third is set to install updates automatically.


      The McAfee icon in the system tray has a gray circle normally associated with check for updates, but holding the cursor over the icon doesn’t provide an explanation of the situation as it usually does.  Clicking on the desktop icon to go to the main McAfee screen shows updates in progress. Entering the McAfee Updates section shows that updates are running.  Clicking to go to the detail screen always shows that checking for updates has not started.  However, once you arrive there the checking for updates, downloading and installing updates progresses normally.  The application seems to run normally otherwise on all the computers.  This has been occurring for about two weeks now.


      What’s the deal?


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