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    Windows File Protection error

      I am running EPO and yesterday someone accidentially deleted the group that contained most of the workstations here.
      Within 20 minutes about 10% of the 400 client PCs were reporting a Windows File Protection error with what looks like most of the system files being 'faulty'

      After doing many file comparisons, registry checking, malware scans, and virus scans, I can't find any problem on the affected PCs... other than windows thinks many of the system files have changed and they can't be re-loaded from the dllcache, It wants the Windows 2000 SP4 CD to fix them, even after providing the CD, the PCs don't appear to be running well.

      After much searching the internet, I can't find any examples of this type of problem occuring, but given that we use WSUS for updates and haven't rolled any out for while, my only conclusion is that removing the group from EPO caused the problem, although I have no idea how.

      The client PCs are Windows 2000 SP4, fully patched, ePO agent, VirusScan 8.0

      Any help or ideas appreciated.