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    Updating problem



      since August 12nd, with McAfee update to Security center 14.0.4133, Virus scan 18.0.4054, Firewall 15.0.4010, Ansispam 15.0.4006 and Quickclean 14.0.4007 I have on my two computers the same problem:

      When McAfee starts to find an update, and when there is no update available, I see the little blue point on the red M in the  low right cormer of my screen. and it never stops!

      When I open McAfee security center it is written "updatind in progress" (in french... here!) with a litte turning wheeel. And it never stops until I reseache manually an update.

      But when an update is available the update is downloaded ((2343.0 for the data base today).

      MVT found nothing wrong.

      Both computers are running W7.

      Sorry for my poor English but I tried to explain precisely my problem.

      A liitle help?

      Thank you!


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