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    ePatch installation question


      I've got my firewalls to 8.3.2 P07 and am ready to install ePatch 8.3.2E61 as described in SB10126.


      While I was able to download the file to my workstation's desktop, I'm afraid I can't figure out how to actually install it.  The KB articles aren't much help since they ultimately tell me to look in either the Service Portal (where I can't find anything related to the MFE, let alone this particular patch) or the regular grant-only download page (where all I find is the full product download and cooresponding documentation).


      I've searched through the Admin Console to no avail.


      What am I missing?  Is this something that can only be done by command line, and if so, why can't I find installation instructions? 



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          I currently do not have access to a Firewall appliance, but if you go to Maintenance -> Software Management you can select the "Download Packages" tab and from here you have the option to load patch files to the appliance manually. There are several options listed under the "Load using" drop-down list. Pick one of these options to upload the E-Patch file.


          Once uploaded, the patch will then be visible on the main page and you can then install it.


          Hope that helps.


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            Thanks Phil.  You put me on the right track!  As I suspected, I was missing something in plain site.  On the page you mentioned, I failed to notice the "Perform Manual Load Now" button.


            Clicking on this brought up a new window with that contained the fields you mentioned.  (Not to be confused with those same fields that are on the main "Download Packages" screen.)  It took a little trial and error, but I was finally able to get the patch downloaded and showing up on the "Manage Packages" tab.  Using the info from SB10126, I entered the following:


            Load Packages from:  FTP

            Directory:  outgoing

            Packages:  8.3.2E61


            User Name:  anonymous

            Port:  21

            Password:  <empty>

            Confirm Password:  <empty>


            I plan on actually applying the patch tomorrow.  I'll report here how it goes.

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              I applied patch 8.3.2E61 this morning.  It was quick and painless.