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    One question for the beta


      I have just installed the beta on one of my epo servers but i need a precision about this product

      Actually, the ips module doesn't seem to be present. Is it normal ?


      and one question : This 10.1 version will replace (opposite of the 10.0 tested last year) the enterprise product this time ?

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          IPS is not a part of 10.1 - it is being planned for in an upcoming release. ENS 10.1 will replace VSE 8.8 and SAE 3.5. It will co-exist with HIPS 8 and the Exploit Prevention feature of ENS 10.1 will automatically stand down if it detects that the IPS portion of HIPS 8 is on the box and enabled. ENS 10.1 FW will co-exist with the HIPS 8 FW, however, it is recommended that you disable the HIPS FW if you are deploying and testing the ENS 10.1 FW. Automatic detection and stand-down of the ENS FW in the presence of HIPS FW (similar to the Exploit Prevention behavior) is being worked on currently

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            From the discussions at Focus last year IPS was slated to be in 10.1 for a Q4 2015 release.

            What is the new timeline for this module and how has 10.1 changed from version 10.0.1?

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              We are planning to update the IPS capabilities into ENS as part of the follow on release to 10.1 which is targeted for 1H 2016.  As far as whats part of it.  We are evaluating what aspect of HIP carry over, what we can expand on and what new exploit capabilities such as behavioral and containment we might include.  So planning is underway.  It would be great to connect with you to help validate some of our assumptions on what your needs have and will be with IPS.  Let me know and I will give you my contact info.

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                If i can be of some help...

                You can contact me by my mail adress