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    ePO agent Update


      I'm wondering can this "FramePkg.exe /install=agent /silent" act as an upgrade for the already installed agents ?

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          im not exactly sure what you mean...

          if you run that commandline it will :

          1. install the agent
          2. if there is an existing agent already installed of an older version, it will upgrade it
          3. if there is an agent installed of the same version or higher, the binaries will not be replaced, but the sitelist.xml will ( if i remember correctly)
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            That is what I meant thaks a lot
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              I know I should make a new post for this, but I have a question. So if we are changing servers, and need to update our sitelist.xml on EVERY work station.... is this the way I should do it (run a task to update the agent through the console server), or is there a better way?
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                no you dont need to manually update the Sitelist on every workstation - when you change one of the ePO Server's connection properties ( IP address, Hostname FQDN) it will increment the timestamp of the SiteList on the ePO Server.

                when the ePO Agents next connect in ( assuming that they are able to connect - ie at least one of the old connection settings remains the same - IP Hostname( netbios, WINS) or FQDN) they will download a new sitelist since the timestamp on the server's SiteList is higher than the one that the agent already has,

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                  And that is our problem, our workstations can't connect to our server when we make changes. Here is our situation, we have 2 NICs on our ePO server. One of them we want to remove for now becuase of the errors we are getting. However this is the one that our Sitelist.xml is pointing to (via IP). Is there a way to just update the sitelist in the console and have it push it out for a week or so (to make sure it catches all the machines), and then remove the NIC?

                  This will also apply for our server migration coming up. What if we wanted to change ePO servers, how do I get all the workstations to start seeing the new server?
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                    ... from what you are describing , you will only be changing the IP address of the ePO Server - from one NIC to another - i am assuming both NICs are routeable by the agents...

                    you know you can force ePO to use a particular IP Address by adding a line to the server.ini - there is a mcafee KB article

                    the epo agents should try 6 times to connect using the IP Address they have for the ePO Server, and then use DNS- does DNS work ?

                    from a client workstation, what happens if you try nslookup "eposervername" does it resolve ?

                    there is nothing to stop you from using DNS trickery to repoint agents at a different server, ie, decomission the old epo server, edit the DNS record to resolve to the new ePO Server, and this will cause the agents to migrate across - this is kind of an all or nothing approach, ( unless you have mutiple DNS servers of course,)
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                      Quote"What if we wanted to change ePO servers, how do I get all the workstations to start seeing the new server?"

                      If anyone has a migration plan that has worked in the past I'll be over the moon! grin

                      I am running two ePO servers 3.6.1 at he moment with old and new clients and want to consolidate these to one with no reboot required for the servers. All are running CMA 3.6.

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                        Can you push the agent out without it being seen like you could in protection pilot. If so, how? We had to upgrade to ePO 4.0 because pp is being fased out.