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    Best way to Migrate ePO 5.30 from a Windows 2008R2 server to Windows 2012R2


      We have a ePO 5.3 server currently running on Windows 2008R2. It is running as a VM (virtual machine). Does anyone know the best way to upgrade or migrate to a Windows 2012R2 server?


      Is it possible to do a inplace upgrade of Windows 2012R2, has anyone tried that? Our ePO server currently managing VirusScan 8.8, Drive Encryption 7.13, Rogue Sensor Detection 5.01. We will be adding RSD 5.02 and DLP 9.4 to the mix shortly.


      We are currently are managing over 2,000 endpoints in a non-ad environment. This means that I can't deploy and agents via group policy etc. Does anyone have any links to articles on the best way to migrate?