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    Discussion about Geo-Location Members


      Hello everyone.


      I'd like to know what the community thinks of the following "members" listed in the Geo-Location "Available Members" list:


      Anonymous Proxy


      Satellite Provider


      While we currently have five countries being actively blocked, I was wondering what the pros and cons would be for blocking these three entites.


      Anonymous Proxy = My gut tells me to go ahead and block traffic from anonymous proxies.  I doubt any repressed citizens from certain countries are needing (or wanting) access to our business.  However, I can imagine some bad actors using anonymous proxies to attack us.


      Other = If "Other" means every place that is not already covered by a specific location, my initial thought is that there would be very little harm in blocking traffic from it since there should be very few places that aren't already covered.


      Satellite Provider = I have had much time to think this one through.


      So, what say you, my fellow firewall admins (and McAfee experts)?  Any thoughts on these?