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    LiveSafe Product: I broke updates (more info inside)


      I have two pcs running LiveSafe. Both were originally windows 8.1, and both have been upgraded to windows 10.

      I used 'quick clean' feature of LiveSafe software, and let it clean 'registry' on one of my two pcs ( it had been cleaning registry just fine with windows 8.1 ).

      Since then when I would goto check for updates it would seem to start for about 1 second and kick me out of updates, and It also would not let me turn on or off automatic updates ( it would allow me to select on or off, but it wouldn't Hold the setting )


      The pc that I Did NOT use 'quick clean' ( with registry checked to clean ) would still update and nothing was broken.

      The pc that I Did use 'quick clean' ( with registry checked to clean ) would not update and was broken.


      Overall I had looked into 'update not working' issues in this forum, and I have // Ran MVT ( stated that I had a broken registry, which it repaired, but it didn't fix the update issue ) // Uninstalled // Ran Mcafee removal tool //

      and Reinstalled // Now everything is working again.


      Just posting this to let Tech Support know how I broke updates with Mcafee LiveSafe on WIndows 10.


      Thanks for listening.