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    Windows 10 upgrade won't let SafeKey work (Screenshot)


      Hi all--this seems to be a recent issue and I saw a few members already posting about the same thing, but I decided to start my own thread because I have a screenshot of the problem that doesn't permit me to add SafeKey. It seems like it doesn't work on any browser if Window 10 upgrade is already implemented according to other posters.


      This image will tell you that I have the Windows 10 upgrade, my internet connection works well, and that the error seems to tell us that there is an internet connection problem for being unable to install SafeKey. Just wondering if anyone has a good idea from this screenshot of what the issue may be.


      I still have Safekey working on other mobile devices so I am still able to log into accounts as I please, but it's a hassle typing out the complex passwords I got from the SafeKey's password generator every time.


      Thank you for your time!


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