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    Missing Pre-boot authentication window


      Last week when I booted up my laptop (Running Win 7 Enterprise) I got an error message relating to the Windows Boot Manager - Windows Failed to Start - Install Windows Installation Disc and Restart and click Repair your Computer


      I didn't have the Installation disc but I got somebody with a similar laptop in the dept to create a Windows Recovery Disc and used that


      However the repair never worked and now when I try to restart my laptop the McAfee Pre Boot authentication Window doesn't appear


      This is having an issue as now all I want to do is get my data from the hard drive, however it appears to be encrypted


      When I took the laptop to our IT guy, he ran the recovery CD, we got the 4 digit on the day code for the software and authorised it, but its not authenticated as we believe this is due to the pre-boot authentication window not appearing to authenticate the laptop/hard drive


      Is there any way I can switch this pre-boot window back on using DOS/Command Prompt?


      What are my options? Is my data lost to encryption or do I have other options?


      I'm told if they reload windows that the hard drive will be formatted and I will lose the data anyway...there must be some alternative???


      The disk is fine...no issues.



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          Hi tosullivan,

          we saw a similar problem at a customer. They were not able to decrypt the disk with a WinPE environement, even this worked fine with other systems or drive encrytion versions.


          The did the following.

          1) Booting the system with the EETech USB Stick

          2) exported the encryption key from EPO to authenticate in the PreBoot.


          Check the Disk information button if you can see the drive information. If yes, ask support for the "manual decryption information". In some cases you have to enter the start sector of your disc system to decrypt. But normally this should work.


          Click the "Disk Information" button to see if there are encrypted disks. If yes you should be able to decrypt the disk.


          Hope this helps,



          PS: i have this document, but i do not know if it is public.

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            Thanks for the quick response


            Can you tell me how do I get this EETech USB stick and how to carry out step 2 in your message above?



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              the tool is included in your drive encryption download. Just logon to the Portal with your grant number. Under Drive Encryption you can download the tool. Just start it and prepar an USB stick with the tool. It´s real easy going.

              Step 2: Logon to EPO, mark the System, and in the menu click..... Export recovery Information.

              (At the Moment i´m travling by train, so i have no EPO Server for any screenshot).


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                Troja, thanks again for the replies


                I'm a bit green when it comes to the lingo for all this....


                where would I get the drive encryption download you refer to?  would you have a chance to step through it for me please?


                The laptop came pre loaded with all the software

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                  Your IT department would have it, along with the key etc - This is not something you can fix without their support.