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    MCP implementation


      I've been going through various documents, discussions, help pages, and KB articles and am no closer to having a working MCP installation.


      Initially, I need to:

      Deploy MWG policy to the cloud from internal MWG

      Deploy MCP on Macs

        • On-prem
          • authenticate to internal MWG with MCP
          • Web browsing via internal MWG
        •   Off-prem 
          • authenticate to SaaS with MCP
          • Web browsing via SaaS proxy

      Retain existing NTLM authentication for Windows clients on the internal MWG


      We are using MWGv7. We have an ePO server, however for the initial deployment I just need a simple way to deploy MCP to Mac clients.


      Is there one concise document that will help me configure, deploy, and test MCP on Mac?


      Thanks for your help.