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    Hp protecttools encryted hard drive recovery


      HP Probook 4530s


      My HP laptop hard drive was encrypted using the HP Protecttools encryption software.  I did some research and found out that this is the McAfee Endpoint Encryption software.  My issue is that my 8 month old baby boy pulled the laptop off the counter and it won't boot up now.  I would like to retrieve the data from the hard drive but I can't figure out how to do that with the data encrypted.


      I have the recovery .dat file that was created when I first turned on the encryption.  I tried using the HP disktech 2011 recovery tool, and I really thought I was on to a solution.  But I ran into this error:





      I googled this error and the description I found is that the software cannot find the encrypted drive.  My theory is that this program (disktech) is meant to be run from a computer where the user forgot their password.  So it is looking for the C: drive.  Obviously, my computer does not start, so I have the hard drive plugged into a different computer with a SATA to USB converter.  The recovery software cannot find this hard drive on the USB outlet. 


      Am I on the right path?  Does anyone know how to get it to see my encrypted hard drive on the USB connection?