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    Change service account for Apache on Windows 2k8?


      Good morning, I started in an enviroment where the last admin barely left any kind of notes (surprise surprise)


      Anyways, I have taken ownership of a ePO server running verison 5.1 and noticed after disabling his windows account I couldnt access the ePO web interface anymore.  So after going through the windows log on the server I noticed that the apache service is using his windows account to run as a service (I guess during the installation the installer either assumed his account or he manually entered it).  Currently I have his account enabled so I can use the web interface (which im not happy about doing right now)  I have googled around and looked on here without any clue on how to change the service account.  (yes ive gone into the services.msc and it doesnt seem the account is located there).  Im pretty new to ePO and I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the service account for ePO running on a windows 2008 system.  Thank you so much for your time.