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    Suppress Alerts Generate from Anti-spyware Module

      Dear All,

      I've got some questions about Anti-apyware enterprise module.

      I've tried to search trought this forum and not much related topic sad

      Hopes anybody, any idea and point me to the right direction. Much Appreciated :)

      Win 2k3 sp3
      EPO 3.6.1
      Anti-spyware enterprise module 8.0.0
      Alert Manager 4.7.1

      Here's my Q:
      I've configured our coporate client workstations (200+) to have daily scan during lunch time, if problems or treats found, it sends events to Alert Manager, then email to admin (that's me).

      After i deployed Anti-spyware enterprise module, it generate too much alerts which spamming my mailbox, which make me confiuse and overlook those alerts that machines really got infected by virus.

      I've tried to adjust the serverity level (currently lv4) to send out alerts, unfortunately, it budle /w the normal virus enterprise which treat the same way as virus.

      So, is there any way that we can suppress (some of) alerts generated from Anti-spyware module?

      Thanks Guys ~
      Nice Day. wink