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    DLP vs USB Mouse Jiggler


      Does anyone know how DLP treat USB mouse jiggler?  We are try to lock down usb port prevent USB mouse jiggler for being use but we want to mouse and keyboard to work.  I am looking under the USB class code in DLP plug and play device definition and I don't know which one to choose.  Anyone have any idea?

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          Sathish L

          Please do the following :


          1. Create a plug n play device definition

          2. Add only the USB device serial number of the specific device

          3. Include the device definition in PnP block rule


          The above rule should block only the USB mouse jiggler and it will allow other mouse and keyboard functioning.

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            Thanks for the reply.  If I am correct, the method you described only stop a known usb mouse jiggler because you need to get the serial number from it.  How do you prevent any unknown USB mouse jiggler for being use?      

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              Sathish L

              I believe when you connect the USB mouse jiggler, it would detect as a "USB input device" under Human interface devices in device manager.  So, it is not the best way to block any USB mouse iiggler, if you do so it would block all the USB devices including mouse and keyboard. If you know the product id of the devices then you configure in PnP rule block those devices.