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    used DLP in single computer



      i have ope 5.1 and dlp 9.3.400 in my network and config it

      now i have to install dlp in computer that not connect to my network and  are single

      please help me to it

      ofcore i have a help for it

      that install dlp in single and create 2 record in register and copy a save config file  ....

      but this work in dlp 9.2 and agent epo 4.6

      please help me

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          The system that is not on your network is managed through your ePO? Do you have an Agent Handler in the DMZ?

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            i set policy in dlp to  disable storage and writer in epo in network

            now i need to set this policy in single computer and not to manage whit epo

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              this way to install dlp  without epo


              (a) Set the agent to a policy injection mode:

              1. Install the DLP Agent and do NOT perform reboot after installation.

              2. Open the following registry key on your agent machine:


              ---- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\DLP\Agent

              3. Add the following 2 properties to the registry key:

              ---- PolicyInjectionRefreshIntervalInSec = 00000003 (this value is type DWORD)

              ---- PolicyInjectionFolder = c:\Temp\PoIicy (this value is a string and can be any valid path on your machine.)

              in dlp 9.3 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\DLP\Agent\PolicyInjection

              4. restart the agent machine.



              (b) inject the policy

              1. Prepare your policy: in the Management Console create the policy and save it to disk. You will get the following 3 files:

              ---- GlobalPolicy.opg

              ---- GlobalPolicy.opgc

              ---- GlobalPolicy.opgg


              2. Copy these 3 files into the c:\Temp\PoIicy on the agent machine (no need to restart again, the agent-service will

              see that the files are there and will take them).

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                Why don't my computer work