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    Could any element of McAfee be causing my browser to minimise..?


      Hi all...

      Lately our  browser screen will  randomly minimise for no apparent reason.

      Initially, we thought it may only be happening when we had several tabs open (..and that it may have all just got " too much" for our ageing Dell Inspiron 1545) but it does also happen when viewing just one, fairly "basic", website.


      Having had a bit of a search online for a possible solution, it's been suggested that this sort of behaviour can be due to stuff running in the background (possibly security etc?)..


      Does this sound feasible? could any recent McAfee update be the reason?  If so, what could we do to cure it?.


      As already said, it is an ageing Inspiron 1545 (using Windows 7, IE 11).

      We have very little on the laptop(no movies, no gaming stuff etc), we run regular scans, disc clean-ups(inc' CCleaner) etc and run Dell online diagnostics check etc..


      We had recently downloaded Malwarebytes , in order to sort another (supposedly separate?) issue but we tried uninstalling that (and the recently downloaded CCleaner)...and it still minimised..?!


      Any  ideas?


      (apologies if this is in the incorrect section)





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