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    Access Protection triggers for ES10


      This log entry basically is self explanatory. It triggered 3 times right after setup of ES 10 and firewall, still in progress of Threat Prevention and Web Control


      Erik ran McAfee Endpoint which attempted to access /usr/local/McAfee/StatefulFirewall/var/\StatefulFirewallTrace.log in a manner which violates rule 'Core Protection - Protect core McAfee files and folders' and was blocked. (Details: Blocked Write)


      So Endpoint Protection is trying to write to log and is prevented to do so by.... Endpoint Protection. Which it probably wants to write to log, but is prevented to so by... etcetc



      • Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.4
      • Endpoint Security for Mac 10.0.0 (1734)
        • Threat Prevention 10.0.0 (5299)
        • Firewall 10.0.0 (625)
        • Web Control 10.0.0 (562)