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    My McAfee Total Protection is very unstable.




      I recently bought a McAfee Total Protection 2015 for my home PC. The first time I installed it, it didn't recognize my subscription even though I had already gotten it done online. I installed it from the CD-rom though, and technical support suggested I download and install it from the website. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then all was good.


      The following day, I got a blue screen after only turning on my PC for less than an hour. I'm not sure what caused it, but since installing this was the only thing I did the previous day, I'm thinking it might have caused the blue screen. Hence I restarted my PC, and then, the antivirus software kept turning the real-time scanning off. I clicked it on, and it turned itself off immediately after. It also failed to recognize my subscription again, like the first time I installed it, and kept telling me to set it up. So I restarted my PC again, but the issues didn't go away.


      I then uninstalled it from my Control Panel, downloaded from McAfee's website under my account again, and tried reinstalling it. However it kept failing, telling me to check if I'm connected to the Internet, or it might be McAfee's server problem. All of these times, I was wirelessly connected to the Internet. Technical support emphasized that McAfee runs on high speed internet connection, so I had to find a LAN cable to connect my PC to my broadband. I did, and successfully reinstalled after 2 tries.


      But this is not really a solution to me, to always sit beside my broadband and connect myself to it with a LAN cable. It is highly inconvenient for me. I did not pay to get an antivirus software, yet being taken away the privilege of connecting wirelessly to the internet. I'm not sure if the issues above will return again, but I liked to know why they happen so I can prevent them in future.


      Is this due to any compatibility issues? I'm running a Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), and my Internet Explorer is at version 9, the latest browser for Windows Vista (according to Microsoft).


      Please do advise and help. This issue has wasted too much of my time. Thank you in advance.