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    Framework Svc is disabled and I can't even start it.

      On a host machine running Vista Ultimate.

      VSE 8.0 has be running fine for the last 6 months on this machine. All of a sudden on the 12th of this month it stopped updating from the EPO server. I try to do "Update Now" and get an error that the framework service is not running. So, I go into my services and it's disabled. I don't even get the option to start or restart or anything in the properties. EVERYTHING is greyed out. It's like it's not even installed anymore. I went into the Mcafee folder and double clicked the Frameworkservice.exe and FrmInst.exe a couple times and nothing happened.

      Any ideas? I have no logs to show b/c it doesn't generate anything b/c the service isn't even doing anything.