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    McAfee Security Center no longer starting at boot - Windows 10


      Hi everyone,


      I've just upgraded my pc to Windows 10, followed by a clean install (refresh, not keeping any files) of the OS. I then installed McAfee VirusScan Plus.

      At first all was fine, it started fine and nothing irregular was reported. After updating the program and rebooting however, it won't automatically start the Security Center tray icon.

      I ran the Virtual Technician but all that does is start the service for me. I can do that manually. The main issue seems to be the latest upgrade removes the required services from the Windows startup list (the one in the Windows 10 task manager).

      After the upgrade to the latest VirusScan Plus software any McAfee service seems to be missing from there.


      I've already tried, as said, running the Virtual Technician, but all that does is manually start the service. I also already removed any trace of the software using the MCPR software removal tool, after which i reinstalled VirusScan Plus. It then ran fine again till i installed the latest upgrade and rebooted.


      The above leads me to conclude the latest upgrade for Windows 10, perhaps for other versions as well, removes the required services from startup. I hope this issue will be addressed as soon as possible. I know how to manually start the service or how to add my own service to the startup list, but that leads to the annoying side effect of VirusScan not starting silently (it then shows the Security Center every time I boot).


      Thanks in advance!



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                          I am running Security Center v14.0.4113. The reason the McAfee Icon does not immediately show up in your system tray. Is due to the fact Microsoft has requested that McAfee/Other Partners delay certain services upon re-boot. To allow Windows services to load. No worry, your protection still exists at start-up.


                           On my machine, it generally takes around a minute or so to appear.


          Hope this helped,


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            Are you saying it never starts up? I know since I reinstalled my suite on 7/30 it takes much longer for the icon to appear on my win 7 pc. It's the latest version that catdaddy mentioned and was 14.0.1076 previously. Before that it used to pop up in a few seconds but now takes a couple minutes.



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              That seems to be what was happening indeed. Strange though that no McAfee process seems to be listed as a startup service in Task Manager either way.

              I'll keep monitoring things to see if all is okay from now on. Thanks both for your help!

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                You know, I just checked my msconfig/startup tab and no Mcafee service is checked yet everything seems to be starting fine. If I look at services, everything Mc says running/started. Weird.

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                  What happened to boot block hooks? That was supposed to guarantee that the malware never had a chance to get past the anti-malware as the system came online. After Win10 my system also is throwing no protection errors on screen before McAfee has a chance to start.  I would rather everything else wait on McAfee to insure a level of security prior to the OS startup.


                  Here's my complaint:

                  I purchased the components and built the PC. Those components include the hard drives, the motherboard, the graphics and audio cards, and the operating system. Now - the owner of the licenses of the operating system has deemed itself the controller of the hardware. So here am I, whom elected to purchase McAfee to protect my entire PC investment. Microsoft (a big person with friends) has invited itself and its friends to bypass this protection - afforded by McAfee. Not to worry, said Microsoft, your investment is still protected.  Really? Are not Microsoft and its friends also taking control of the PC's software services - which previously had been under the watchful eye of the owner who had control of the system, without the equipment owners knowledge or permission in most cases? Please. This is a bullying move of the worst type done by a large corporation - to take control of personal assets not owned by them. Legal, of course. Ethical? Nope. How are businesses and enterprises going to see it when Microsoft says, not to worry - your investment is still protected? Think they'll just bend over?