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    Why the different versions of the same "version" of Virusscan in epo

      I have epo installed in my environment, with vs 8.5 set to install with all of my clients. I started out with vs8.0, and changed the epo client to install 8.5. Now I have about 379 machines in my environment. 354 of those machines , all show the latest DAT, Scan Engine, and Product version. The Product version they show is

      I have about 20 machines that show a Product version of 8.5.0 and that's it. Some show other "versions" of 8.5.0 (i.e, etc ,etc)

      What gives with all of the variety within 8.5.0

        • 1. Broken Machine
          When I see a machine that's at 8.5.0, it basically means that I need to go and pay that machine a physical visit. Invariably you'll find that the installer went just far enough to get the install in place but for some reason the updates are not working. These machines also tend to be the problem children on the network that don't want to install new software, etc. and many times are ready for a re-image.

          20 out of 354 is a bit higher (5.6%) than what I would normally expect on a large network (1-2%).

          Note that with each patch the version will show as an increment of 8.5.
          • 2. If the installer did not go all the way
            is the recourse to "reinstall". What should I do with these items that show 8.5.0, but not the latest
            • 3. Superdat Sometimes
              I've had some limited success running the latest superDat on these machines. Some of them will pick up and start behaving properly and others will require more drastic measures.