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    Upgrading EPO 3.5 agent to 3.6 - how to via EPO 3.6.1 deployment task?

      All of our workstations have EPO agent

      I've download CMA360 and installed the package into the EPO 3.6.1 repository as well as added the NAP file

      We have a scheduled deployment package to run every day at noon and to run a missed task within 2 minutes.

      It's set to INSTALL (not ignore) the 3.6 agent

      But it's not updating any of the machines.

      The current machines log file shows it sees the deployment task, but keeps stating it's not run yet and it's next run is "tomorrow" at noon.

      Can you not upgrade the EPO agents via EPO?

      I saw a thing on McAfee's knowledgebase that seemed to indicate the "recommended" method of "upgrading" was to uninstall the agent via EPO and then install the new one via EPO (not very handy if you ask me as I've had WAY too many problems with EPO removing or installing an agent).