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    Started a new job, HELP!


      Hi Everyone,


      So I've just started a new job, and I've inherited what I can can only describe as the most confusing system ever.


      I need to get to grips with our anti virus system, as some of the agents are now showing that the products are at end of life.


      Please bare with me as my knowledge here is limited.


      We are running EPO on an old physical server.

           Agent Number :

           VSE 8.7i Build Date: 25/03/2010

           Scan Engine Version: 5400.1158

           DAT: 7882.0000

           EPO: 4.5

      The only thing I believe is up to date is the DAT.


      I'd like to move this all to a visualized server that is already set up and ready to go. However, probably getting the client machines up to date is my priority at the moment.


      So firstly, I need to understand how to update the clients. Should I be updating EPO first? If so how?

      After having a look I can see that most of the software and versions are located in the Master Repository. I tried Pull Now, but it says they are all up to date, and nothing happens.

      I think i may need to "check in" the newer packages. But where do I download them?


      Thanks very much for your help in advance.

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          Peter M

          Moved to ePO for faster response.




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            that is quite old. A upgrade could involve some intermediate steps like a newer OS or SQL version and some ePO-Upgrades, so I believe you are better off, by installing a new ePO server off scratch and "migrate" old clients by pushing out the new agent.


            But configuring a new ePO server is not easy... but if you want/must do it, here are some very (!!!!!) high-level steps:

            1. Grab the ePO Installation Guide and read chapter 1 and 2
            2. Install ePO 5.1.2 + hotfix (you find them on your McAfee download page).
            3. Enter License-Key
            4. Use Automatic product configuration (see Installation Guide) so you don't need to grab every ePO extension and installation package
            5. Now you should have a basic ePO installation with at least VSE 8.8
            6. Get the ePO Product Guide
            7. Customize the server settings (product guide chapter 4)
            8. Perhaps setup Active Directory sync (product guide chapter 9)
            9. Customize the settings for at least Agent and VSE (you probably can get most needed settings from the "old" ePO server) (product guide chapter 15)
            10. Pick one workstation and push the Agent and VSE (product guide chapter 14)
            11. Setup at least a update client task for DAT and Engine (product guide chapter 16)
            12. If everything is ok, repeat and take some more workstations...


            Installing and customizing an ePO server takes quite some time and highly depends on the environment, so unfortunately there are no step-by-step instructions which always lead to success...




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              You have some EOL products: ePO 4.5 and I believe the scan engine 5400 is also EOL (5600 reached EOL already).


              You say that you would like to move the ePO to a virtualized server. Perhaps you can do a P2V on the existing server, which would make backups and restoration a bit easier if they become necessary.


              I don't recall the supported upgrade paths, but you could try to upgrade your current ePO to the latest version that supports your current setup and product deployments.


              In any case, it would be best to open a support ticket so that they can provide additional information and possibly help you outline an upgrade strategy.