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    EPO Upgrade Error 3.6.1 Patch 2 -> 4.0


      Im upgrading EPo 3.6.1 Patch 2 to 4.0
      All seems to go well untill I get a dialog from Mercury Framework:

      M i g r a t i o n E r r o r 8 0 0 4 0 4 2 7 : d b m i g r a t e . c p p ( 2 4 1 ) ing Alias Map
      Description: Error at Destination for Row number 61. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1.
      Source: DTS Data Pump
      Interface ID:

      I've looked at the logs and cant find anything that tells me whats realy wrong. Im using MSDE as the database type. Ive performed the upgrade twice and get the same error.

      Im thinking I should just start fresh and install the new EPO as a new install.
      Any suggestions?