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    Migrating using SA Repository - Question

      I have setup a SA repository in my (OLDEPO), and have set my agent policy to have that SA as the primary and only update location.

      Basically did what was described in http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/showthread.php?t=147550

      And it is working good....

      Now I want to actually move the clients to the new server.

      My question is, - Do I have to wait untill ALLLLL of my ePO agents check in after the SA repository was brought up in OLDEPO? We have alot of clients around the globe that are disconnected for periods of time.

      Will the clients check in to the OLDEPO Site Server, pull down the repository list, check into the SA repository(which is now a part of NEWEPO) and convert? Or do they need to connect to the SA repository while it is still a part of OLDEPO to work for converting???