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    EPO4.0 - Agent reporting incorrect computer properties.

      I'm currently completing our upgrade to EPO 4.0 to all our workstations and servers. Mostly XP, 2003 but there are a few OSX 10.4 and 10.3. We're using virusscan enterprise 8.5 with the 3.6 agent for the PCs and VirusScan 8.5 for mac (10.4) and Virex 7.7(10.3) these are also connected to EPO via the NWA (3.1).

      Everything has been going quite smoothly so far until today when I noticed a system pop up at my home site which should belong to another site. When i looked at the properties for this system it came back with the properties as if it were a G4 mac running 10.4 and having installed on it the 3.1 NWA agent and Virus Scan for mac 8.5. Upon looking into this further it turns out that our inventory has it listed as a Windows XP laptop which is in our domain.

      I deleted the entry in EPO and waited to see if it would return with the correct details, about an hour later I noticed it back again with the same OSX information??? As I am the only one working on this project I know exactly which mac systems have the NWA agent installed on them and this is certainly not one of them. I haven't started to include any macs onto EPO from any other site. I could ping the system but I couldn't connect via \\systemname\c$, this would futher enforce the thinking it was actually a mac but for the fact our inventory and active directory information was telling us otherwise.

      My questions are these.

      Am I going mad?
      Is it possible EPO is getting confused with the details from another system that IS a mac?
      Anyone else discovered anything like this?

      I have yet to track this laptop down and investigate it further.