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    FrameWork Service Starting and Stopping


      We are using CMA A lot of PC's seem to have their framework service down. Upon restarting it, it will shutdown immediately.

      I can see this in the agent log from one of those PC's:

      20071025093149 I #672 naCmnLib Random seed = 0xc6fb****
      20071025093149 I #632 FrmSvc START cmdline="C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe" /ServiceStart
      20071025093149 I #632 FrmSvc ServiceStart
      20071025093149 I #632 FrmSvc Running
      20071025093149 I #688 FrmSvc Service stopped
      20071025093226 I #632 FrmSvc Set COM launch permissions and service settings
      20071025093226 I #632 FrmSvc END

      This goes on and on. The only thing that changes is the 'Random seed'.

      Any ideas?