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    Agent to server communications

      Not sure where to post.

      I am trying to understand what agent to server communications is in the epo policy. If I disable agent to server communications what happens. I know it will not allow me to click anything on the agent that goes to the server from the client. It just displays a message agent to server communications disabled. Does this disabling getting dat files. Does the agent still go to the server once a day. Or does this just disable a manual communication from the client? Please to inform....

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          Without agent to server communication enabled the agent will not pass its properties to the epo server and will not take its policies from it. not something you really want to disable.

          The manual puts this like this:

          [LEFT]Agent-server communication[/LEFT]
          [LEFT]During agent-server communication, the agent and server exchange information using SPIPE, a proprietary network protocol used by ePolicy Orchestrator for secure network transmissions. At each communication, the agent collects its current system properties and sends them to the server. The server sends any new or changed policies, tasks, and repository list to the agent. The agent then enforces the new policies locally on the[/LEFT]
          managed system.
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            Disabling the ASCI via policy makes only sense if you create an agent wakeup call task before.